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I am passionate about God, my family, and my work.  I thank God for every blessing in every aspect of my life.  My husband and I just celebrated our 25th Anniversary this past summer.  When I got married I told my husband, "I can't wait until our 25th Wedding Anniversary."  As the years went by, I counted the years, then months, then days and before I knew it our 25th Wedding Anniversary came and went.  Now I look forward to our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  For our 25th, I searched for months for the perfect dress.  I wanted it to be silver to match our Silver Anniversary celebration.  I had it custom made to fit my measurements.  It took five weeks to complete.  It had little jewels all over.  Then I hid it in an empty box my husband just finished using and didn't need any more.  I wanted my dress to be a surprise.  I thought for sure he would never suspect I would have my dress in that empty box.  I was going to have my dress sent to the cleaners but when I went to get the box to take the dress to the cleaners, there was no box.  I looked all over but it was no where.  Then that night, when my husband got home, I asked him if he saw my dress in the box he was no longer using.  He said I didn't see the dress but I thought the box was trash since I didn't need it any more. I threw it in the trash can and put the trash can out in the street for the trash pick up.  The trash can was empty and I used my original dress.

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